Sunday, January 26, 2014

The new patio alpha?

As Mr Miyagi says, "Fighting not good. But if must fight, WIN."

Timmy and Vincent are the patio alphas. Vincent keeps all newcomers at bay (he only failed with Mr Zurik and Heidi) while Timmy chases anyone who intrudes into his vegetable garden. Timmy is also a bully of sorts. But luckily, nobody bites or scratches. It's just a lot of noise and the aggressor giving chase.

But lately, Ginger (yes, you read that right, mild-mannered sweet-faced Ginger) had been showing that he is boss too.

He had been doing the "staring down" act at Willy. No fighting, just showing Willy that he is the boss at the patio.

It makes one wonder if there is a colour code here. Vincent takes on Mr Zurik while Ginger takes on Willy?

Anyway, this morning, Ginger had a big fight with Rosie at the porch. It sent Rosie fleeing to hide under the car and the fight stopped.

Then, I heard the sound of fierce cat war-cry...


You see fur everywhere?

I've noticed something. No one tore out anyone's fur. I think it's an automatic response to shed some fur when an attack occurs. I've noticed this happening many times. Maybe it's a distraction of sorts, like the lizard detaching its tail?


Ginger stood his ground.


Timmy is retreating.

mini-P1260481 mini-P1260482

Timmy slowly retreats into his cage. His safehouse.


Timmy: Please don't hurt me. I won't over-eat anymore. I promise I won't steal your mum's food anymore. Or your sister's. Or anyone's! Just don't hurt me, please.

My only worries about alphas is that they spray!


Bunny & Friends were all alarmed by the war-cries.

mini-P1260486Indy followed the entire episode, shuffling from the grille to the Stargate so that he gets to see the "whole show".

And so, as Mr Miyagi says: Fighting not good. But if must fight, WIN!

Ginger won.


Joyce said...

Hi Dr Chan,

Do you try to break up the fight when it becomes too aggresive?


chankahyein said...

Yes, with the water-gun.

Dayana said...

that's a lot of fur!