Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mr Zurik's eye wound

It was only yesterday morning that I detected Mr Zurik's eye wound. He had been squinting for a few days and I'd washed his eye with salt water, but yesterday, a wound appeared.

The wound was quite deep and a bit of pus oozed from it when I pressed on it. Yes, the Russian allowed me to.

Being Saturday, my regular vet doesn't work, so I thought I'd try to nurse the wound myself.

I washed it with saline, then applied iodine and the Wound Protector ("Happy Bum Gel").

I managed to do that about five times yesterday. The Russian was a complete pussy-cat and allowed it all. I also gave him Vetri DMG.

This morning, I checked and the wound looks much, much drier and better. There is still a tiny bit of pus, though.

mini-P1260485 mini-P1260492

I repeated the procedure, but he put up a bit of a fight and struggled to get away.

This usually means he is much better (and thinks he doesn't need the first aid anymore).

mini-P1260490I find this extremely helpful for minor injuries.

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your vet if your pet has any injury.

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