Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blanket No.18 (It's Doraemon!) - up for auction!

We are thrilled to present Blanket No. 18 - Doraemon!! He's the cat from the future!

Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 5pm, on Wednesday, 8th January 2014. 

Note: Please monitor this post near closing time if you want to ensure that you are the highest bidder.

100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM150?

The bids as they come in:

7th Jan:

At 8.55am, Nui bids RM500.


This blanket measures 51 inches by 69 inches.

All cotton material, this is a two-layered patchwork without padding in between.


 The Doraemon cloth and three of the pieces used are donated by Agnes Cheong.

The Making of the Doraemon Blanket:


I started by maximising the Doraemon cloth, that is, by cutting out large squares containing as many of the characters and pictures as I could.

Then, I was left with a strip by the side of the cloth. The characters were already halved. Hmm...what can I do with these?

Aha...*a tiny brainwave*! Turn them into peek-a-boo half-characters and make them peek out of the frames!

It's Doraemon and his sister, Dorami, peeking out saying, "Hello!"


This calls for fine hand-stitched applique work and it's my first time doing it. Easy peasy, though....it's just rectangles. No curves. Still, it took me one full hour just to do these few pieces carefully so that they really peek out of the frames, leaving no gap at all. I finally decided to go over it with the machine, for a more lasting effect.

mini-mum at sewing machine

As always, the backing and top-stitching are done by my mum.

We had some remainder cloth which wasn't enough to be made into another blanket, so we've used those up for the canvas bags instead. Nothing is wasted.

mini-3 mini-P1060310

I had so much fun doing this blanket!

Will it be yours?

RM150 will be the subsidy for 1 dog's neutering OR 1 cat's neutering plus two vaccinations. It goes a long way for the animals, folks! And you get a blanket as a token of gratitude from us and the animals. 

Happy Bidding!


Nui said...

Dear Sis Chan,

Start of the year 2014, RM 500 for this beautiful blue Doremon please.

Sukhi Hotu!

Chen said...

Another OMG experience!