Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A surprise for Agnes and more cloth for AnimalCare blankets!

My mum and I had been planning a surprise for Agnes Cheong. Agnes has been making many trips (by bus and on foot) to various textile stores in KL to purchase cloth for us to make blankets for auction. Now, that's really hard work. Heart work?

The making of the surprise:

mini-20140106_133059 mini-20140106_142229



It's a bag with a cat motif!


"A.C." for Agnes Cheong....or AnimalCare? The embroidery and applique are both done by my mum.

I thought some whiskers would make it more cat-like...


Yes, now, that's a cat!


Now, we're all ready...



We hope you like it, Agnes!

And Agnes came bearing more gifts for AnimalCare...


Two bales of cloth to be used as backing, one from Agnes and the other from Gerley Kong.

Thank you, both, very much!


And more cloth!!


Strawberries and Angry Bird!


The ever-lovable Doraemon and Dorami!


 Carebears and....the Minions!!

Agnes' nephew also cut three plastic stencils of the AnimalCare logo and website address so that it would be easier for my mum to trace both onto the bags (I forgot to take a photo, the stencils are with my mum now).

Thank you very much...from all of us and the animals!

More blanket and more bags coming up in the next few months....we just need more bidders, that's all. Readers who would like to help keep our Fund afloat can help by forwarding our auction links to family and friends. It's just a few clicks of the computer mouse...and we can go on helping more animals who come our way!


Chen said...

An idea to consider if you are thinking of another sewing project for all those lovely cloth. What about making Japanese door curtains? Not many places sell them and they are basically 2 pairs of rectangle double sided cloth with a space at the top edge for a rod to go through. Think of all those lovely designs that you can create for people's doors.

chankahyein said...

I think there is no standard size for those...

Chen said...

I think there is some kind of size. Most doors are standard nowadays. I see them sold at "Japanese" ware shops. Can do some research in regards to size. The are smaller than the blankets for sure but 2 sides of patterns.

Chen said...

Another thought. Door curtains are very public compared to blankets which are very private. So the target buyers would be different. Shops owners put them up too as dividers. And the positive messages & images on the curtains can be a delight.

Agnes said...

Aunty Chan and Kah Yein
That was certainly a surprise! Such a beautiful bag, one of a kind lovingly custom-made just for me...many many thanks! This bag is sure to come along on my next hunting trip for blanket cloth :)

Joy E. Saga said...

Agnes! You must tell me where you go shop! I am on the lookout for fabric too ... hope you can share! :D

Maneki Neko said...

I would love to see a blanket sewn from lovely Malaysian batiks.

Agnes said...

Joy...I bought most of the pieces in Ban Cheong along Petaling Street, same row as the Swiss Inn. Carebears and Minion came from there. The rest were from Kamdar Mid Valley, Nagoya Jalan TAR and 1 shop in PJ Old Town opp the bus station that sells an assortment of stuffs like school uniforms, school bags, etc. I bought the 2 bales in a textile wholesale shop inside the Kenanga wholesale textile and fashion area, behind the Hang Tuah LRT station.

chankahyein said...

We have!! Two batik pieces already sewn! Actually, I have 20 pieces lined up....waiting for the backing. :)

Joy E. Saga said...

AH! Great! thanks for the info Agnes. I've only been to Nagoya and Kamdar at Jln TAR and they do not have much choices. Will most definitely go check out all those places. Thanks so much and God bless!

Dayana said...

such nice gestures from everyone. may god bless all of you. :)

Agnes said...

Hi Joy, I forgot to mention there's another shop 2 or 3 doors from Ban Cheong where I bought 2 more Doraemon pieces last week...available in 5 variations of colours! These 2 shops have lots of small floral designs too and plain colours. Happy shopping!