Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photos of happy Wii (from Roselin)

Wii was Vixey's brother, both rescued from a rubbish heap at the playground behind my house in 2007. Vixey was found to be "retarded" and suffered from brain degeneration resulting in organ degeneration as well. Vixey lived on for two years and passed on in October 2009, coincidentally on World Animal Day.

After Vixey's passing, Wii gradually exiled himself to the back alley and soon after, my alphas (Cow & Bunny) refused to let him come back into the house. Wii was quite happy living in the back alley, minding his own business, coming back several times for meals and having Tiger as his dining companion until my back neighbour started shouting obscenities at poor Wii.

When the neighbour started throwing things at him, I had to make the painful decision of rehoming Wii because I was really worried the neighbour might harm him one day. We tried bringing Wii back into the house, but he was so scared of Cow & Bunny, he kept running back to the alley.

So, the painful decision had to be made, and I had to separate Wii from his best friend, Tiger, and get him rehomed. Roselin Mazlan (bless her kind heart) empathised and offered to take Wii when I asked. That was in August 2010. The day I separated Wii from Tiger and the many days that followed after that were truly very difficult. My only consolation was that Wii would not be harmed by the back neighbour. Otherwise, it was just a time bomb waiting to explode. But Tiger lost his best friend.

Wii took a very long time to adjust at Roselin's house in her colony of 16 cats (at that time). Roselin was ever so patient with Wii.  As timid as he was in my house, Wii became hostile and aggressive at Roselin's place and fought with all her cats. Apparently, this happens with cats when there is a change of environment.

Wii even got re-adopted by another lady who really pampered him and he was the only cat in her house (which suited Wii's personality), but Roselin later took him back when the lady started travelling quite a bit. Wii then stayed on at Roselin's and at one time, he made enemies with all of Roselin's cats and was only friends with a "misunderstood" dog.  The dog was enemies with all the other dogs and was only friends with Wii! I thought if Wii still could not adjust, I would bring him back after I moved since I had a cat space in this new house and it was relatively safe. But slowly, Wii began to adjust.

It has been coming to almost two years now and finally Wii has adjusted.

I seldom get photos of Wii so when they do come, it's priceless!

Here are two photos that Roselin sent today:
Wii is now our "watch-cat"! He likes to sit on the pillar to watch the traffic. These days he prefers to sleep outside with the rest in the garage! Does not fight much anymore - they just avoid each other. In the day he sleeps on my dressing table. Wii is much more relaxed now. He loves back rubs and finally allows us to kiss him.

 Hey there, Wii. We sure miss you a lot. You be happy and be good, ok?

Tiger sends his best and we all wish you well.


Chen said...

Wii is GORGEOUS!!!

melle said...

Agree with Chen. My first thoughts were, "wah, such a handsome cat. Living the good life now."

Joy E. Saga said...

Why Hello Wii! You are handsome! :-)