Monday, July 9, 2012

How now, Cow?

Cow had been sleeping most of today. However, he really likes lying on the grass. Not that that's his normal habit, he seems to want to lie on the grass for some reason. Maybe being closer to nature helps him to heal? Maybe it's something we don't know?

I've been checking on the wound and it "looks" good to me. Tomorrow, I will take him to the vet to have a proper check-up. Hopefully, he can be off the collar then. I took his collar off a few times today, especially during mealtimes, but he just started licking and biting the wound. So, it's collar-on again.

 He is hiding the paw.

 It looks pretty good to my untrained eye, though.

 I've been bringing him back to the favourite chair.

 But he prefers to lie on the grass.

 I got him to sleep in the pantry this afternoon.

 The nurse is also asleep?

Oh wait, it's her day off, right?

 Indy accompanies Cow.

This evening, after an eventful pilling session, Cow somehow settled down after I "thought" to him (sent him mental thoughts). He let me place the Dermacyn-soaked cotton wool onto the wound for one minute and then allowed me to apply the Solcoseryl without any fight.

That's the Cow story for now...

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