Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cow's back home!

Everyone seemed to know that Cow would be going in for something since last night. It must be the vibes.

 Last night, Tiger accompanied Cow wherever he went.

 He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

 Everyone was especially protective of Cow, somehow.

 Cow was his usual self.

 You can see that bad nail there.

 This afternoon, since Cow had to be fasted, everyone had no afternoon snack as well.

There was not much of a demand for food, surprisingly. I'm glad. Otherwise, it would be non-stop mewing for an afternoon snack whenever I came home from work. The clinic was exceptionally busy so Cow's procedure was postponed until 4pm this evening.

We arrived at the clinic and Cow was taken upstairs for the procedure. After the sedation, I was asked to take a look at the pus in that nail. It was quite nasty.

The procedure took about half an hour. The vet finally removed the necrotic tissue. No amputation was needed, thank goodness, and the nail was just cut very short. The vet bandaged the paw, soaked in iodine and I am to remove the bandage tomorrow night by which the wound should have healed quite a bit. Apparently it is expected to heal very quickly. No suturing too. Just removal of the necrotic tissue, that's all.

But Cow would have to be kept in a very clean and dry environment until the wound completely heals. No grass, no sand, no soil. Iodine is to be applied twice a day onto the wound.

 Back home, and Supertabs was the first to welcome Cow back.

 The e-collar is needed for now and can be removed after I'm assured he won't bite the wound.

 That's the bandaged paw.


 Bobby greets Cow.

 I'm in charge here.

Come only during visiting hours, please. The patient is not to be disturbed.

 Baggy is curious.


 Bad decision to let him out as he is not fully awake yet.

 So, in he goes back into the carrier until later, when he is more awake.

Indy keeps vigil.

We will probably let him have the room with paper litter which I've prepared. But I guess he would prefer to spray instead!

I'm glad everything went well. Now, it is helping him recover quickly and ensuring the wound does not get re-infected. Luckily there is the weekend for me to monitor his progress.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and kind wishes for Cow.


Wong Yoke Mei said...

Welcome home Cow....speedy recovery...

Chen said...

Yay! Have been worried whether Cow will get a missing toe. Glad it worked out well. Hope it heals nicely with no troubles. Also happy to note that Supertabs is on top of things as always.

And how do the cats know that Cow needs to get his toe seen to? Ahem ... my theory ... maybe they've been reading your blog as you type and edit your posts. :P