Saturday, July 7, 2012

Plan B for Cow's wound healing

Since iodine smarts and stings, and that is probably why Cow gets so angry whenever I apply the medication on his wound, I asked around and friends recommended Dermacyn, a super-oxidised solution for wound care: Apparently, it heals wounds very quickly and is easy to use.

So, it's off to the pharmacy to hunt for Dermacyn.

I found it at my regular pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended Solcoseryl as well.

 Cow did not object as much when I applied the Dermacyn-soaked cotton wool onto his wound. He was okay with the Solcoseryl as well, though the leaflet warned that it would cause a burning sensation. No world war this time. Just a protest.

But as I turned around to keep the medication and turned back to face him, I caught him licking his lips. I hope he had not licked off the Solcoseryl. How could he with the e-collar still intact? But with Cow, you'll never know.

But there was a huge protest after that, and he tried to go out of the room again. The e-collar prevented him from going out of the grille, so he started banging on the grille. I didn't want another scene and more stress, so I let him out. He went straight to the grass and sat. No, no, no, Cow. I carried him back and put him on the favourite chair.

 Poor Cow.

I'm really banking on the fact that Dermacyn will quicken the healing. The faster he heals, the easier it would be for everyone. Now, with the struggling at the grille, I think he injured the wound again as there were blood stains on the e-collar.



Faizati said...

Phewww! This is one stubborn cow...

Winnie said...

I do hope cow gets better fast~ :)

Alicia said...

They say cows are stubborn animals. Looks like Cow is true to his name.

Hope his wound heals fast...