Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colloidal silver for Cow

This morning, I mixed the warm salt-iodine solution with the intention of soaking Cow's paw in it for 15 minutes as instructed by the vet.

I had everything ready - salt-iodine solution at the right temperature, a towel to place on my lap and a watch to keep time. Now, get the Cow.

I got the Cow, but he was already growling when I carried him and the moment I placed his paw into the solution, he jumped up, kicked and fled.

I think maybe, just maybe his paw touched the solution for 2 seconds, tops.

So that failed. As I had to get to work, I just applied the Solcoseryl for the morning. He hates the Dermacyn as well so I didn't even dare attempt that.

I'm just hoping that all these fights means he knows he doesn't need all this stuff anymore and that he is getting better and will heal by himself, or has already healed?

Please pray my hunch is right.

In the afternoon, my mother came by with something for Cow. It's Nano Colloidal Hydrosol (colloidal silver in distilled water) and is supposed to aid the healing of wounds.

It comes in a spray bottle so I thought that might work.

 Here it is.
Just sneak up and spray onto the wound, right?
I know it sounds easy, but I know it won't be.

As expected, I tried it and the spraying made Cow go completely berserk. A bystander would think he was being tortured or something (Actually, it was more like I was being tortured! I'm the one with all the scratch and bite marks.)

I ended up using the spray on Indy, Cleo and Baggy instead. Last week, I used the Spot-On to de-flea the whole brood and somehow, Indy, Cleo and Baggy had hair lost on the spots where the medication was applied on. I'm hoping this colloidal silver might help heal those spots. It's bald and a bit reddish. The three of them didn't seem to mind the spraying at all. I'm sure it doesn't hurt since it's only distilled water with colloidal silver. Cow is just being difficult.

 I'm not difficult. You just don't understand me.

You know....he's right.

Cow is the misunderstood cat.

I'll just be thankful that he is eating (very well, too) and his habits are back to "normal". I just don't know if the wound is healing or not. I'll need his vet to check that.

By the way, I used the colloidal silver water on the wounds that Cow gave me! It works pretty well, I must say.


BlackieAsh said...

Get well soon, Cow :)

Chen said...

Hi Kah Yein,

The real silver in all these is that you are learning so much from all these obstinate, cantankerous and obdurate cats (i.e. Cow in this case) and sharing the well-earned adventurous lessons with us.

Chen said...

Hi Kah Yein,

Just saw this video - if our cats are even maybe a quarter of this cat - life would be soooo easy!

chankahyein said...

LOL!! Cantankerous pretty much describes the COW!

Wong Yoke Mei said...

I totally understand all the battle scars that you are experiencing.... had loads of them when i tried pilling my Olie. Touch wood, i have not had the experience of applying medicinal solution on any wounds up to now....and hope never will have to..