Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baggy's allergy

Today has been a very busy day. Baggy has been having some hair loss spots around her neck for about a week. They look like a bite mark (just one dot) and there would be hair loss around it. Two days ago, I Frontlined everyone with Spot-On, and today, I noticed there was hair loss on the spot where I had applied the Frontline.

So, it was off to the vet's for Baggy and me.

The vet checked the hair under the microscope and found just one dead mite. Baggy's problem spots were examined under the ultra violet light and it was not a fungal infection.

So, the vet prescribed an anti-histamine for 5 days to see if there would be any deterioration or improvement.

She highly suspects it to be flea allergy dermatitis but this cannot explain that "one dot" syndrome on the spot where there is hair loss. There are also reddish spots around where she was Frontlined.

Anyway, we came home and I gave her the antihistamines after dinner and what a nightmare that was! She fought and scratched, bit and spat out the tablet two times.

 I may be small, but don't anyone try anything funny with me. 
I bite. 

 Baggy's weight has not increased since the last I brought her to the vet. It has stayed at 2.9kg. The vet said it's "okay" but she could do with a teensy bit more weight. But Baggy has a great appetite and can really eat. Yet, she has not put on any weight.


cindy said...

Micky One was a Siamese-mixed. The only time she was a little on the 'fat' side was when she nursed her 4 kids. Once they were grown she went back to her mini petite size.

If I remembered you mentioned Baggy is part Siamese? That could be the reason. The other is perhaps some thyroid problems? Micky and all her kids all had thyroid problems at late age.

claire said...

maybe she could be allergic to Frontline?