Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh well, Pole, what have we got to lose?

At about 11.30am, Pole came to the grille and mewed. I went in and she led me to the pantry with those eyes that say, "I'm hungry". A thought came to me. After all, after this morning's nightmarish incident I had half a mind to skip this evening's dose of the anti-inflammatory, but since she is hungry, why don't I just try the oldest trick in the book of crushing the small white tablet and mixing it with her wetfood?

So I did just that. Crushed the dratted tablet, mixed it with a small amount of wetfood, and another brainwave came to me - why don't I use Cleo's favourite treat? The Liv-a-Littles. It is not for sale in Malaysia; I got it as a gift from Dr S. Cleo absolutely loves it and so do the rest. Been scouting around asking if any supplier might be interested in bringing it in, but it's just far too expensive as a treat.

So I broke up some pieces of the Liv-a-Littles and "garnished" the wetfood which had the crushed tablet in it. Pole started evading me by playing catch-me-if-you-can around the condo, but after some persuasion, I managed to get her to approach the bowl.

She sniffed at the concoction.

I prayed and closed my eyes.

Calmly does it. Do not send the wrong vibes now....calm, calm, calm.

Pole went straight for the Liv-a-Littles, ate it and thus, also ate up the wetfood (plus "magic powder" that was mixed on it). But the smart girl ate up only the Liv-a-Littles and left some of the wetfood behind.

Oh-oh, this won't do. Quickly, I broke up another piece of Liv-a-Littles and garnished the remainder of the magic powder-laced wetfood. By hook or by crook, she MUST finish it.

By now, Pole was clearly evading me. She hid under the side table. I approached her slowly and laid the bowl in front of her.

Sniff, sniff...she must have been hungry enough, so she ate it all up, leaving only a teeny weeny bit behind, which had to be sacrificed. Never mind, this is already a miracle as it is.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

It is done.

Well, the oldest trick in the book worked this round, but it was rather costly because by then, everyone else wanted the Liv-a-Littles, so everyone had a piece each.

 The Ferocious Two.

Anyone knows where or how I can buy another bottle of Liv-a-Littles?


Connie said...

I guess only Dr S have it. Even we order bulk through Internet, it will still be expensive compare to Dr S price. I gave it to my dogs to cheer them up whenever they feel down..(sigh!) but it reallllyyy works....The things we do to please the furry ones.

zureen said... has it for 10.99usd. Expensive treat when shipping to malaysia is included. Maybe you can spread the cost by buying something else in the same order as long as the weight permits.