Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tiger disciplines Tabs

There are days when things get out of hand, and even the tiniest thing seems insurmountable.
Yesterday afternoon was such a day.
Faster-than-lightning Supertabs had been escaping from the room every time we open the grille. She is so fast, there is no way to stop her. Then we have to go after her and take her back before she zips upstairs and gets up onto the roof.
Yesterday afternoon she did it again and I was very tired. So I brought her back and put her into the condo. No more escapades for you this afternoon, Tabs. I'm just too tired to go after you again and again. You stay in the condo.
 She made a racket.
She went down to the fishpad and started flipping it up and down, making a continuous disturbing sound.
Soon, Tiger came to her rescue and pleaded clemency by rubbing his face on my leg as I stood looking at her. Well okay, for Tiger's sake then, I freed the renegade, but with a stern warning.
The renegade was angry and sulked the whole afternoon.
Later in the evening, Tiger did something unexpected.
 We saw Tiger sitting facing this corner and he was swirling his tail menacingly round and round.
What are you doing, Tiger?
 Tiger had cornered the renegade and seemed to be disciplining her in his own way.
 You're not coming out until you behave.
 Cow came to check things out.
 But the very moment Tiger looked away, out zipped the renegade, faster than lightning!
 She's out!
 Tiger looks for her; but wrong direction, Tiger, she's behind you.
 Now you see me, now you don't.
 Lesson over.
Friends again.

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