Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baggy eats and jumps high up

It's almost midnight now. Baggy just had a fair bit of AD for supper. The vet had said AD helps to make blood, so since Baggy is still quite pale, I thought regular doses of AD should be able to help her regain some colour and health.

 This is her favourite "perch" every evening. I fed her here as she did not want to join the rest at the pantry. Also, everyone was going after the AD!

After eating, I thought I should try and see if she was willing to sleep in the condo, but the moment I put her in, she jumped out, quick as lightning and jumped up straight back to her "perch".

 It's good to see her alert and not lethargic.

Baggy was not lethargic to begin with; it was just the loss of appetite and high fever this morning. The appetite is back now and the fever (as of this evening) is gone. But the constant worry I have is that she eats a lot but does not put on any weight. In fact, she is gradually losing weight. Even though the vet said the 0.5kg loss is not significant, it still makes me feel rather uneasy. And her coat does not have a healthy sheen, unlike the rest of my brood. They all eat the same food. Maybe there is some genetic weakness in Baggy and if there is, it may take some time to build up her health through nutrition.

 You have a good rest now and you'll be better tomorrow, Baggy.

Baggy thanks everyone for all the kind and thoughtful wishes and get-well-soon prayers.

 Cow, Bunny and Tabs keep Baggy company for the night.

 Tabs will do the patrolling.

Never fear, Tabs is here.



Maneki Neko said...

Dear Baggy... In the photos her face shows that she doesn't quite feel up to par. You mentioned that she's eating well and still shedding weight. She's been de-wormed? Sending lots of healing thoughts in your direction!

Chen said...


Have you looked into the possibility that Baggy (and perhaps her sister) may have been born with slightly over-active thyroid glands? Sometimes it just a bit over but enough to cause the cat discomfort. Here is a link that describes some of the symptoms: http://www.fabcats.org/owners/hyperthyroidism/info.html
Hook and Look also wish Baggy well!

chankahyein said...

Hi Chen and Maneki, Baggy's been dewormed today, and I'll certainly check with the vet on hyperthyroidism. Thanks!!