Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pole seems to be back to "normal"

After we came back from the clinic, Pole groomed herself for quite some time.

 Then, she fell asleep on the shelf.

 She slept for a long time.

In the evening, she went out to the garden and joined the rest for their evening sojourn. I watched her but she did not go anywhere near the litter-box, so I haven't got to see her urinate yet.

As night fell, she was wide awake and kept walking all over the garden. She is still very active and agile, jumping easily from the ground to the shelves. She ate with the rest too. So, she seems to be back to normal except that I need to see her least, for my own peace of mind!

 I hope the fact that she is grooming herself and behaving normally means she isn't in any discomfort. I also hope this means her bladder is no longer inflamed.

Tomorrow will be Day One of pilling Pole, twice a day, for eight full days.

Wish me luck!


Chen said...

If you can get your hubby to help, you may try this - which I saw how my neighbour did it easily with a stubborn stray that did not want to swallow her pill (the vet pilled her but she kept the pill hidden somehow and spat it out when we got home from the vet). One keep a syringe of water handy and another pop the pill in the mouth. As quickly as possible, squirt water into the mouth, and the cat got to swallow. Can only be done with an extra pair of hands, though.

Chen said...

Oh! And our vet does this trick of blowing into their face after popping the pill in to get the cat to swallow. It seems that when you blow on their face, they'll squint and momentarily get distracted and the pill goes down more easily. It'ld be much nicer of course to also use the syringe of water (if the extra pair of hands is available - which is often NOT - sigh)

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Chen. Both fail for my cats. Been there, done that. This morning, Pole fought for her life and I couldn't even get to open her mouth.