Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Cow story continues...

So, after all the excitement this afternoon, Cow slept for hours. Translated, it means peace for me.

By the time Baggy and I got back from the vet, Cow had just got up and I was glad to see the e-collar still intact while we were gone. I had half expected it to be out already.

Cow only wanted canned food so he got that. He kept wanting to sit on the grass, so I had to allow it, making sure the grassy patch was as dry as possible.

After half an hour, it was medicine time and there was some struggle. Then, it was wound-cleaning time and I had to resort to just pouring the Dermacyn over the wound. He didn't mind that, he just doesn't want anyone touching the wound.

I can see that the Solcoseryl does not smart at all as he allowed me to apply it onto the wound. Cow just has a "problem" in that he hates having anything applied onto his body, so he tried to wring it all off after that.

 Angry, after treatment.

 The two nursing aides on stand-by.

 The vet said actually, yesterday, when I brought Cow back for re-bandaging, both vets were quite impressed that the wound had actually healed quite well in just over an hour. I hope this means he will heal quickly.

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