Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pole, the pilling nightmare

Pole and Cleo had always been pilling nightmares since they were young. Why, I cannot even pop in a dewormer and have to take them to the vet's for that purpose. You can't crush the pill and put in the food, because they (in fact, all of our cats) will smell it out and eat everything except the parts that contain the bits of the crushed pill.

As I've said, if you think Cow is bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

So, since yesterday, I had been sending good vibes to Pole, hoping that age would have mellowed her down and who knows, maybe she can be pilled now?

 I was a little consoled to know it's just one tiny pill and half of another tiny pill.

But I know, it's not the size of the pill, but it's whether we can even open her mouth to pop those pills in.

Pole knew something was up, so she ran for her life. Luckily, Bunny's Place is confined, so I eventually caught her. But I know, the atmosphere was already tense.

A long story cut short, it was a total nightmare, even with rest time and repeated attempts. The first white pill was "lost" in transition, I couldn't find it anywhere on the floor or the furniture, so I would just have to assume it got in somehow though I doubt it. That's the anti-inflammatory and it's a pain-killer so I don't dare give another. But there was still that half of the antibiotic that needed to be fed. By then, it was already wrapped in wetfood and I had to somehow get it down before it got spoilt.

My husband came back and we tried it. Even with two pairs of hands, we could not get to open her mouth or hold her down. She is too strong and ferocious. Nothing worked.

We finally resorted to putting her into the carrier and driving her around. Maybe she won't be so fierce in the car.

Before that, one last attempt.

Amidst shrieks, yells, struggles and fur flying everywhere, I think the half pill finally got in, all mushy; or whatever that was left of it after many attempts. I think it was also grabbing enough of skin at the scruff of her neck that made it possible to hold her still enough to stuff the pill from the side of the closed mouth. Yes, we could not open her mouth at all. She was all ready to kill.

The experience was totally horrible, and I don't think it's worth the stress caused on her (and us).

I might just have to skip the anti-inflammatory this evening since Pole seems to be okay. I have, however, yet to see her urinate, so I am not sure.

Tomorrow, I will drive her to the vet's for pilling and also for a further examination.

 Busy grooming herself after the nightmare.

I know it's hard to believe this mild-mannered looking cat can turn into our worst nightmare when it comes to giving her a pill. Her looks belies her strength and determination. Even the vet said she is extremely muscular and strong.


Chen said...

The vet options sounds like the best! Go for it. Pole never looked mild-mannered to me because there is always this steely gleam in her eyes. Even when she's in a cute pose the "don't mess with me" eyes remain.

Agnes said...

Perhaps it's good to lock her inside her condo to monitor her urination?

chankahyein said...

I could, but am worried of what the added stress would do to her. The vet did say stress would worsen things and that is why he did not want to stress her anymore than necessary.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

I know how you feel. I had the same "war" with Olie when i tried pilling him. How i dread those times. And i hate to stress them out. They tend to run away from you are these incidents. I know crushing the pills is also not a good way as cats have more sensitive senses than dogs and one sniff and they will refuse to eat. But i had to administer the cough syrup & Baytril for nearly a month. So i had no choice but to crush them and mix them in the wet food, and try so many ways to cover the smell/taste of the medicine with crush dry kibble in the wet food. Basically, i was trying to add more and more food to the mix until the smell of the medication is lesser and i had to wait it out for Olie to eat up. He began to be very suspicious about his food, and ate slowly, then pause and walk around a bit, then i call him back to add more wet/crush dry kibble, and he would come around and eat a bit more. And this goes on for half an hour everytime i have to give him his medication (twice a day). Imagine having to rush to work in the morning and begging him to eat. Nightmare. My patience was so tested then....

Yen Ling said...

Is horror. I've got lots of scars on my hands, arms and thighs all from trying to give my cat a pill.

We need to be creative on how to give a pill to a cat. Even though is just that ONE pill, you must think far and beyond and do whatever calculations. Creativity is vital for survival.

There was one episode. My wrist was 'slashed' by my cat (the scar is still here after 7years. No way I can give him that one pill with one functioning limb. I resorted to marinate the pill. I put/stuff it inside the Whiskas pouch - over night for morning pill, whole day for evening pill. There must a cycle. I open the pouch, drop in the pill and clipped it. When is time, I'll open the pouch, pour of the contents and yay! Licked clean. Then, I'll open a new pouch, drop it in & clip it. And the cycle continues...1 girl. 1 pill. 1 cat. 1 day at the time.

chankahyein said...

What is the Whiskas Pouch? I managed to make Pole eat the anti-inflammatory this morning but cannot make her eat her antibiotic now - same method, but she's not falling for it anymore. She'd rather starve.