Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cow 3.0

Today is Day 3 of  "Cow Management".

Last night, I was glad (yet a little worried) when all Cow did was to sit and stare at the wall for hours.

He was in this position for at least 5 hours all night, not moving much. And I took the chance and did one more round of wound cleaning with Dermacyn and then applied Solcoseryl. He did not even flinch or bat an eyelid. He just stayed and let me do all the cleaning. While on the one hand I was "glad", I was also worried why there was no reaction from him at all. It was almost like he was saying, "Do what you will, I've given up."

But my worries were put to rest this morning when it was back to the world wars again.

Cow was having some trouble eating with the e-collar on and I thought I should give him a reprieve and take the collar off so that he could eat comfortably, and maybe even groom himself after that.

That was a mistake.

He ran off and became quite aggressive and starting biting his paw.

So we got him back, made him eat and quickly placed the e-collar back on him. That's when war broke out. He hates the e-collar so much and when we finally managed to put it on, I couldn't help drawing a similarity between the e-collar and the mask that Hannibal Lecter wears in The Silence of the Lambs. That thought gave me the shivers....

Yikes! Perish the thought....

Task No.1 was to clean the wound and apply the Solcoseryl. That was done with some scuffle. Why was there absolutely no issue last night and why the scuffle now?

We'll never truly understand The Cow.

And Task No.2 of pilling him was impossible. He bit, scratched and spat. So, the vertical carrier was called upon and that did the trick.

After that, it was pilling Baggy and that was much worse.  She has now officially joined the ranks of the "Difficult Ones" when it comes to pilling.

The good news for today is that Bobby's diarrhoea has ceased and he is eating again. Gentle Digest did the trick.

 Cow now, after all the hullabaloo this morning.

 It's Sunday, so the two nursing aides are taking the day off.


Nic said...

Seriously, if I were you I would have boarded Cow not because I wanted less trouble for myself but it is less stressful for the wound which means faster healing = shorter period of stress (both physically and mentally) for Cow, especially since we know that he is very meek at the clinic, not to mention those vets and vet techs are professionals. I trust they can handle the pilling much faster and easier than us owners.

As for Baggy, maybe you want to consider pill pockets or the scruffing and pill popper (optional) method? You got to be quick and also ensure you grab enough skin to make the cat go limp/immobile for a while.

Connie said...

At least the e-collar can be used back. If my dog has it, it will be gone case within 10seconds. Tore to pieces & the evidence burried in the ground.

in said...

When I have to give pills to my dog, I normally just crush it and mix it into the wet food, even though I'm only supposed to administer after meals. Its easy and stress free for all parties.

chankahyein said...

Good for you! Mine will smell it out and refuse to eat!