Saturday, July 7, 2012

How do you solve a problem like Cow?

There was the usual fussing about for Cow this morning, plus all the cleaning up. I figured since Cow hated to be caged, I might as well dismantle the cage.

After all the cleaning up (and Bobby is having diarrhoea again), I drove over to the clinic to get more povidone iodine for Cow's wound. It is exposed now, and since bandaging is totally out of the question, I thought I should apply the iodine more frequently. The vet assistant suggested that I get the ointment instead of the solution so that the medicine "stays" longer on the wound.

I also told the vet assistant about what happened yesterday, how Cow tore off his bandage a second time and got out of his e-collar. The vet assistant said that if Cow refuses to behave and the wound does not heal, I could opt to board him for a few days. Animals normally dare not kick up a fuss in a clinic and Cow is a pussy-cat whenever he goes to the clinic.

When I got home...

 Cow had completely removed the e-collar and the strings. Totally.

 And he was licking the wound; or more accurately, "eating" it.

A scuffle ensued, with me, of course. I had to forcibly put the e-collar back and apply some iodine onto the wound. That was a war in itself. Cow hated the iodine so much, he kept flinging his paw, so I don't really know how much of the iodine was applied onto the wound. He scratched and hissed, but was prevented from biting only because of the e-collar.

It was a wonder I managed to put the e-collar back on him.

 Since he wanted so much to be outside, I put him on the Clubhouse table, but he kept going onto the grass, which was a no-no.

 After he had settled a bit, I tried putting the iodine paste again, and he flung it all away. Sigh.

 The wound already looks a bit wet now, which is not good. He must have had a good time biting it during the half hour that I was gone.

 How do you solve a problem like Cow?

Can we help? Can we help? 

The nursing team arrives.

I hope we don't have to resort to boarding him at the clinic.

It is good to finally see him sleeping where he is comfortable.

This would be a good time to sneak up and apply some iodine onto the wound, but I did that half an hour ago, and it created another war. He felt cheated, he was angry and he went onto the grass again. So, no, I shall let him sleep now. Maybe sleep is more healing than the iodine.


cindy said...

How about a sock? would be like a bandage but easier to put on, I think. Loosly so that there is enough air circulations? You make it like a small bag with strings around the upper part (wish I know how to draw with key-board!) so once it is on Cow's foot you can just pull the strings and tie? Or --- baby socks?

about giving medication/tablet -- does you vet has Easy-Pills? It is kind of like clay-dough for kids to make dolls etc.? YOu just wrap it around the tablet and give it to the cats. Some of them like the taste and would 'eat' the tablets. But they also learn very quickly that 'it is cheating'! Normally I would give them once-in-a-while as treats so that they are less suspicious when I wrapped with medication!

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Cindy. I asked about a sock, but the vet prefers that it gets "aired" to quicken healing. The only thing is I have to apply the iodine and make sure the paw only has contact with clean surfaces. The vet said a sock may serve as a medium for accumulation of dirt and bacteria. And anyway, since he had shaken the bandage off and hates it so much, the sock might make him angry again. What a cow!

Winnie said...

I always find it difficult to apply iodine on animals. A vet then suggested I try an iodine spray. It was so much easier. Position, spray, done. Perhaps give it a try?