Monday, July 9, 2012

Collar off...but only for 20 minutes

I wanted to let Cow have collar-off time this evening, so I took the collar off to see what he would do.

He licked the wound for a few seconds, and after I stopped him, he ran out and sat at the Clubhouse.

 He just sat...with Indy.

 Nurse Tabs was on standby, of course.

 We all sat with Cow as I had to observe if he would lick his wounds.

 Five minutes passed and so far, so good.

 I'll take charge of the e-collar.

 I'm doing my job, don't you worry. The e-collar is safe.

 Baggy was on standby as well.

 But after about 20 minutes, Cow started licking the wound again.

So, it's back to the favourite chair and another round of cleaning and application of Solcoseryl.

Can't take any chances as it looks like it's healing well, I can't have him biting the wound, so it's collar-on again for the night.

He likes to sit at this spot. Guess he wants to get some night air.

I hope he heals quickly.

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luq said...

get well soon~