Monday, July 16, 2012

See? I can pee! (from Pole)

All afternoon, Pole kept calling from the grille. Each time I go in, she would lead me to the pantry either to ask for food or to ask for something.

Finally, by evening, she called again and this time she wanted to show me something.

She led me to the litter-box and squatted in the ready-to-pee position.

I held my breath and didn't dare more a muscle.

 Then, she covered up the "evidence" as all self-respecting cats would.

 I waited for her to move away before I eagerly looked for the "evidence".

In the five times yesterday morning, this happened too, but there was no urine.

 Yay! This calls for a celebration! That's definitely a urine ball and there was more underneath as I "unearthed" more of it later.

 Yay for Pole!

 But the medicine would have to be completed....another 7 more days to go.

Wish me luck!


Chen said...

Yay! She knows that you've been worried about her pee problem and wants you to know that all is well. Smart girl! Also noticed her hind legs - wooo - long and muscular like Bunny's. Must have "long muscular hind legs" genes in that cat family.

Bern said...

Hope all goes well in the next piling session. Shall pray for peace...
SUPER glad see the pee balls, exactly how i felt when i see them from one of my boys who has a tendency to get UTI.