Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Operation Pink Nose" for Baggy

I stopped by at the vet's today to ask if Baggy could be dewormed yet. The vet said he too thought of doing that but did not want to do too much yesterday as Baggy was really weak and pale, but since I asked, he said it's a very good idea to deworm her, in case worms are part of the burden on her health. Hookworms are particularly dangerous to young cats.

So I've dewormed Baggy now and I'll need to continue monitoring her respiration pattern. The reason she was breathing fast yesterday could be that there is insufficient blood so that made the heart pump harder. If blood parasite is the cause of all this, the antibiotic should do its work and the respiration pattern should improve over a few days.

Meanwhile, I'll also look out on the colour of her little nose.

We want to see a little pink nose, Baggy!

 Is my nose a little pinker than yesterday? 

 We're calling her "Baggy Pink Nose" for now...


Bern said...

Hope the pink comes soon! :) Miss this little gal :)

Chen said...

Ops Pink! Harap lancar dan berjaya!

Connie said...

Malaysia boleh! Baggy pun boleh!!