Monday, July 30, 2012

Baggy is suddenly unwell

This morning Baggy refused to eat and her body felt warm to the touch. Something did not feel right.

So I took her immediately to the vet's the moment the clinic opened.

 Waiting for our turn.

Baggy has a fever of 40.2 degrees, which is quite high. She is also very pale and the other worrying symptom is her abnormal breathing pattern. There is a possibility it could be due to nervousness or stress, but she appeared quite calm at the clinic, yet, her breathing was very fast.

The possibilities are:

1. Blood parasite which causes anaemia (hence, she is pale).

2. FIP

3. FeLV or FIV

The vet suggests that we put her on Doxycycline and monitor her for 48 hours. If it is a blood parasite, there should be improvement within or after 48 hours. If there is no improvement, we will proceed with bloodwork and other diagnostics for further investigation.

Baggy has always had a rough hair coat and this has always worried me. It shows she isn't really in the pink of health. However, her appetite has always been very good - she eats as many times as Tabs, together with the boys.

Baggy's case is all the more worrying because of Baloo's mysterious death. We all know that FIP is terminal and there is no cure.

We came back home and I brought a can of AD for her. I was going to force-feed her small amounts, but she ate by herself.

 Eating the AD.


Please do keep Baggy in your prayers. I hope it is only a blood parasite and I hope she will recover soon.


Joy E. Saga said...

Sending Baggy all our purrs and prayers ... Kat, Pedro, Yasmin, Maori, Hope and Faith, and me.

Mei Leng said...

ya, my three stray cats Michelle, Mimi, Mandy and me also wish Baggy speedy recovery !!

melle said...

Get well, Baggy.. Sending you healing thoughts, love and light..

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much, everyone. Baggy's appetite is still good. She ate quite a bit today. Thank you for all your kind wishes.

Chen said...

Baggy really looks miserable. Poor girl! Get well soon, Baggy.

Andy and Emily said...

Baggy, be strong!! you have our support and well wishes.

Sandra said...

Get well soon Baggy! We love you!

Connie said...

Get well soon Baggy!
And oh, Ronaldo wants to say hi to you, his paws is on top of the iPad.
Our thoughts and prayers to Baggy, may she recover soon.

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Ronaldo and everyone! Thank you very much for all your kind wishes.

Hazwani said...

Get well soon Baggy! We know you're strong... from Ais, Oyem, Romeo, Bella, Nyet, Leo, Don, Ben, Lily, Bucik, Lisa, Kaka, Messi, Bebe, Jerry and me.. ;D