Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baggy says "thank you" to everyone

It rained this morning, so I quickly got up to check on Baggy.

She was fine, and was with Bunny in the pantry.

Everyone had breakfast, but Baggy didn't want her AD. She wanted Natural Balance, just like everyone else.

 The after-breakfast sojourn in the room since it was raining outside.

 This is Baggy's special seat - the drawer beside me!

 AD for brunch.

Eat up, Baggy.

Thank you for all your advice and suggestions. I'll check with the vet when she can be dewormed and if other tests are necessary to check on why she seems pale and is not putting on weight. She was on Revolution while she was at Andy Lew's place and that acts as a dewormer as well. But maybe it does not cover a wide spectrum of worms.

For now, even though her fever is gone, the vet says I still need to check on her respiration pattern about 3-4 times per day, but I can only do this when she is resting. We're concerned that Baloo passed away of accumulation of pus/blood in the lungs and the only signs were breathing difficulty.  That could have been FIP.

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