Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Andy Lew visits Baggy with gifts

Andy Lew and Emily bought Baggy 3 boxes of Natural Balance wetfood during PetWorld and Andy dropped in today to visit and deliver the food.

 Thank you very much, Andy and Emily!

 Hi Baggy!

 Hmm...there must be something interesting (or tasty?) in the bag...

 Andy brought some treats he had brought back from Taipei.
It's freeze-dried raw treats. Tabs and Baggy loved it.

 "This is a very friendly cat", says Andy.

Ahem...of course, that's our Miss Personality, Miss Tabitha Jane Spencer.
Though I'm not sure whether, in this case, it's "friendly" or "hungry" or just plain "greedy"?

 Introductions aside, Baggy is shamelessly digging for more treats...

 Soon Indy came round as well...the aroma of the treats

 May I have some more, please?

Ask (nicely) and ye shall get?

 I'll just dig for more...


Joy E. Saga said...

My brood knows how to open the tupperware container where i keep their treats! A few days ago it was opened, treats all gone and they wanted more. I told them they cannot have any for the next 2 days ..... but i gave up after 20 or so hours. Terrible me.

Chen said...

My 2 kitties know how to neatly chew/tear a round hole through any cat food package. I can never leave any cat food on open shelves - even if the package is new, never opened and sealed. Somehow they can read the labels that say its cat food. So far they have not mastered opening Lock n Lock containers, phew!!!

nandhini said...

hahaha' u just made my day baggy!