Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to make use of the spaces in Bunny's Place

Cow's spraying is gradually mutilating one leg of our poor tree trunk bench, so before it's completely mutilated, we've decided to shift it to the patio. Thankfully, Indy has shifted from the bench to the pink box, so we won't be depriving him from his favourite spot now.

Having moved the tree trunk bench out, we have more space in the room and cleaning is made easier too.

 Ah...more breathing space. The top shelf is Pole's. She shares it with Cleo at times. The good thing about the cats is that they seem to have a roster where they take turns to occupy the spaces. No fighting. The "apartments" still belong to Bunny, though but he shares it with Cow and the rest.

 Indy's favourite spot for now. It used to be Bunny's, then Tiger's.
Note: Indy likes batik.

This side table was initially brought for Baggy when she first arrived, so that she could be near me during the first few weeks, but now, everybody uses it. Sometimes, as above, it is used in planning....conspiracies?

 Tiger keeps a close watch on Bobby, as always.

 In the pantry, they prefer it when there are clothes "hiding" the shelf for more privacy. The shelf is usually used for napping.

 But sometimes it may be used for posing too, especially when a portrait is needed.

 This is called, very simply, the Cross-Legged Pose.

This, on the other hand, is called the "Penyu Pose". Note the similarity of the outstretched pose of the front legs to that of the front flippers of the penyu (turtle).

The box serves three purposes: (1) to prevent Bunny from spraying on the wall. (2) for napping. (3) to cover the touch-buttons when the washing machine is being operated as a cat may step on the touch-buttons and stop the washing machine (it happens all too often). The cardboard box needs to be changed regularly because it's being sprayed on by Bunny.

 This is the Clubhouse for the cats. Notice Baggy under the table? That's her favourite spot even when the day is very hot. She loves sleeping on the soil. It must be quite cooling.

 This little railway sleeper bench serves as everyone's favourite scratch post.  It does its job very well as it's very hardy, made of very hard wood.

 This tree trunk is also a spray trunk (sigh!) but also doubles up as a scratch post as well as a seat for entertaining guests or taking a peek at the outside world.

 Here, it's for entertaining our regular guest.

 Eat up, Mr G!

 The rattan trunk is shared...

 ...and can even serve up to FOUR cats at any time!

It also doubles up as a scratch post.

 More shelves in the garden, for napping.

 Or, conferencing.

 In the evenings, when the sun is down, the Clubhouse turns into a den to discuss the days' events.

 And this is the (confined) world of our cats and Bobby.

It's our compromise to ensure their safety.


BlackieAsh said...

Tabitha Jane is sooo cute!! Love the way all your cats enjoying their space together.. Really hope one fine day Blackie and Ash will accept Grey as their family

Chen said...

I love this post. Every cat got its space and every spot got its cat.

By the way Ms. Tabitha Jane Spencer is looking classier and classier. Cannot call her plan Tabs anymore! How much does she weight now?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Looking at the photos left a really warm fuzzy feeling (especially the one w the cat sitting on both tree trunks, so adorable the things cats do!) what a nicely laid out backyard for your cats to have several high places to lounge & sleep :) I wonder if there are many others out there who enjoys, not only looking their own pets but of others looking relaxed & safe :)

chankahyein said...

ha ha...no weighing scale at home, so I don't know, but she is BIG! The vet already predicted that she would be a BIG cat.