Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baggy's temperature is normal

Baggy ate a few rounds of AD and this evening, she also ate a bit of her Natural Balance food.

We took her temperature this evening at about 7pm and it was 38.2 degrees, which is normal.

I'm really praying hard that it is just a blood parasite or something not so serious and that the Doxycycline will take care of it. The possibility of it being FIP is still there as she is still quite pale. The only consolation so far is that her fever has subsided.

 All afternoon, she just wanted to rest in her favourite spot. This patch of soil is actually very cooling. Maybe it's to take the heat away? I did not want to stress her by putting her in the cage, so I just monitored her all afternoon.

 Eating small amounts of AD every two hours.

 She ate quite a lot at 4.30pm.

 By late evening, she did not feel like eating anymore. Maybe the 4.30pm meal is enough for the day.

 After having her temperature taken.

 This is her favourite night spot.

It's only about 10 hours now, since the Doxycycline. I'm glad her temperature is back to normal, but my worries are not over yet.

Get well soon, Baggy!

Thank you everyone, for your kind wishes and prayers. Mr Teh dropped in to visit Baggy this afternoon too.

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