Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cow bites off his bandage...twice

Barely an hour after coming back, suddenly I saw spurts of blood outside the door of the carrier. Cow's e-collar was intact but he had bitten off the bandage and the wound was bleeding a little. His e-collar was blood stained.

I tried to bandage it back, but he was too fierce and uncontrollable, so it was off to the clinic again.

 At the clinic, the vet said if he bites it off again, we could just leave it. But for now, the vet bandaged it back, this time, more securely. Cow was put on a bigger e-collar so that he won't get to bite off his bandage again.

 At home, I set up the cage and put him inside, but he was still struggling quite badly and starting banging everywhere.

Barely 10 minutes after settling him in, he bit off the bandage again! Blood stained on the paper but it wasn't bleeding badly and the vet had said to just leave it.

 Cow seemed hungry, so I handfed him as he was too distraught to eat on his own when I held the food bowl to his mouth. I had to handfeed him through the bars of the cage as I could not move him anywhere.

 He toppled everything over, and has finally settled down. But he is still not fully awake.

It's going to be a long night....

Updates at 8.30pm:

Cow was finally calmer and I was able to place him on my lap and feed him his medicine. It was actually easier to feed him his medicine with the e-collar on as his mobility is restricted, so that was "easy". Then, I handfed him some canned food and syringed water into his mouth. Poor Cow, this e-collar is bigger so he may have trouble eating and drinking.

Actually, what happened was that it wasn't an in-grown nail. The underside of the nail got infected and the infection caused a swelling that pushed the nail up. Hence, the nail appeared to be "growing" from a wrong place.

Brothers Four?

Cleo, Pole and Indy are also in the room while the two youngest ones are out this time. Baggy is usually on my table all the time, but since Cow and the seniors are inside, she is all alone at the Clubhouse now. Tabs is up to some mischief in the pantry.

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