Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pole wins paws down!

Today is Day 4 of Operation Pilling Pole and I am waving the white flag now.

Yes, I lost and Pole wins without a doubt.

I only succeeded in making her eat the medicine-laced wetfood for one round. After that, she did not fall for the trick anymore. Not at all.

She refused to eat.

So the ground medicine (of powder that is SO fine and SO little) would be mixed with the wetfood from morning till night. Well, yes, bit by bit, I managed to feed it all.  Or almost all, but it took great perseverance and a lot of stress on both sides. There was one round where she vomited everything out. Sigh...

She would refuse the eat and I would have to coax her, and it would take something like ten to twelve sessions in a day before I could finally get her to eat up that small blob of medicine-laced food. That would be taking the dratted wetfood bit by bit and covering it up with fresh wetfood. By the time she finished that blob, the powder would have been mixed with the food for too many hours, I do wonder if it is still effective or even harmful.

She'd rather starve, and she'll mew pitifully at the grille asking for food. But the moment I let her sniff at the food (yes, it's a tiny blob no bigger than a ladybird, covered with fresh food, she would look at me with those eyes that say, "I'm hungry, please may I have some proper food?" and then she would run away. Then, within 5 minutes, she would run back and mew for food again.

That's a bit too much to endure, day after day, and anyway, by today, she's gone on a hunger strike.

I figured all this stress of making her eat medicine-laced food isn't doing her mental health any good, so I'm taking the risk of not completing the antibiotics.

It's been so tough and so tiring....

 Yes, I'm hungry but I want some real food. Is that too much to ask? 

 The Liv-a-Littles' (the white patch you see above) attraction only lasted for two rounds. After that, it failed to work.

 Happy today, after I raised the white flag and gave her some "real" food to eat.

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Joy E. Saga said...

Oh dear, hope she is on the road to recovery! Take care now Pole!