Friday, September 13, 2013

Willy, is that you?

The last time I saw Willy was on 2nd September when he came back (from yet another one of his MI-6 missions) and appeared at the culvert. Willy goes away quite often these days and we do not see him every day anymore.

We suspect:

1. He is such a capable agent that he is called upon for many MI-6 missions these days.

2. He actually has a home nearby so he doesn't come so often, especially now that he has been neutered and treated for his defecation problem (fully sponsored by Tabs & Associates).

3. He comes when he needs help, ie. his defecation problem.

(2) and (3) seems very likely as he has put on weight these days and he looks very much better than the previous months when he had that defecation problem.

(1) tops the list as we think he is a covert agent for the MI-6, ie. Agent William.

Of course, we constantly remain grounded that (2) is the most likely possibility!

So I hadn't seen Willy for 11 days now and each day, I just wish him all the best, wherever he may be.

Last night, we went for dinner at a shop across that very busy do-or-die-cross-at-your-own-risk main road (that leads to the USJ area). As we were driving home, I caught a glimpse of an orange-coloured cat who looked very much like Willy though thinner. This cat was at the shoplot area near the many restaurants.

There was a "datuk" shrine tucked away under a large tree and this orange cat was there, sniffing at the food offering.

I thought it might be Willy. His tail was also down as is Willy's.

What if someone had caught him and dumped him at the restaurant area? After all, this place is just across the road from my area. No cat (or any animal) in his/her right mind would even attempt to cross that killer road unless there is a good enough reason to do so. Willy would not, in his right mind, have strayed so far away.

Gosh, if it is indeed Willy, he must have been dumped by someone.

Oh no!!

By the time my fears arose, we were quite far away from that place already.

I reached home feeling anxious.

Was that Willy?

I wanted to walk back to that area (driving is impossible due to peak traffic at that time) but it was already very dark, so I planned to go after work today to look for that orange-coloured cat to see if it is indeed Willy.

I told my husband about it and he said it is most likely NOT Willy as he sees many cats in that area and they get food from the restaurant.

In any case, I was all set to go on my Willy-search today, after work.

This morning I woke up and the thought of that orange cat being Willy had not left my mind at all. Was I worried? Yes, I was...just in case someone had dumped Willy across that busy road and what if he is trying to come back? No one (human or animal) can possibly make it across that crazy road alive unless one is lucky enough. And what if he has that defecation problem again? Who will take him to the vet?

I fed the cats and got ready for work, all set to go Willy-searching after work today. There is no point in worrying or wondering and conjuring up possibilities, just go look for him.

As I opened my gate to drive my car out, this greeted me...


Willy!!!!  It's you!! You're safe!!

I rushed in and got the kibble-jar out, half dancing a little jig as I crossed the road to where Willy was.

Willy was sitting across the gate, exactly where I would be able to see him.


What's MOST surprising is that Willy was standing beside a piece of poop and it was well-formed though the colour was rather light.

Was he trying to show me that he doesn't have a defecation problem anymore?

Look....I have nice poop!


Willy looks very good, actually.

I don't think he was even hungry, but he was polite and ate the food.

Questions, questions, questions!

1. Was it purely coincidental that Willy turned up this morning?  (My vet would say an emphatic YES to this.)

2. Did Willy read my mind and did he come to placate my fears and worries?

I don't know! But I am SO glad he is safe and I do hope that orange-coloured cat across the road is safe and well too.

OR....was that orange-coloured cat at the "datuk" shrine actually Willy??


The plot thickens but I shall not go there!!


Joy E. Saga said...

Maybe there ia an underground tunnel (sewerage) for them to move across the busy road. Perhaps he teleported and the gateway is at the Datuk Shrine!

chankahyein said...