Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Sunny Cats!! (from Rozita Halim)

If you've been following this blog, you might remember the Sunny Kittens!

They were rescued by a student when they were left in a box by the roadside in KL. The kittens were brought to me and we (meaning Bobby, all the cats and me) fostered them until they were ready for adoption.

I called them the Sunny Kittens because they were such a joyful lot and every day, there would be a new adventure for them. They were especially close to Uncle Bobby.

Here's strolling down memory lane to 2011:


That's Honeybear I'm feeding.

mini-IMG_2843 mini-IMG_3326

Rex is the big brother.


Foxy, the lady.



When they were ready for adoption, Rozita Halim offered to give them a home.


That Sunkist box is the playhouse we made for them so we brought it along.


Rozita sent updates from time to time.

(You can wordsearch "Sunny Kittens" on this blog for their stories. They were quite a hit!)

And look at them now!!


With one of Rozita's senior cats. Rozita already had three senior cats when she adopted the Sunnies.


This is Honeybear! Rozita calls him "Mr Bear"!

He was all white when he was a baby! The youngest and weakest at that time. The first day I got them, Honeybear was throwing seizures, but within a day, the seizures stopped.


Rex is the oldest (the big brother) and he was the closest to me.

Foxy, according to Rozita, is camera-shy and it is almost impossible to capture her on film!

Bless Rozita and her lovely family for giving the Sunny Kittens (now, Cats) such a wonderful life!!


jasmine ong said...

Aww ... they are gorgeous now and they were so cute when they were little kittens then :)

Thank you for these beautiful photos ♡ ♡ and sharing a walk down memory lane with us.

Peggy Quah said...

So beautiful and so many beatiful people in this world. Thanks for sharing.

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing. What happened to Foxy? Didn't see her in the "adult" photo?

chankahyein said...

Foxy runs away from the camera!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Ah! Camera shy Foxy!