Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mr Zurik's private dining and Timmy's raids!


The tail-end of today's breakfast. Rosie had finished earlier and is out in the garden.

Mr G does not come as regularly as before ever since he started fighting with the Patio Cats and we had to break up the fight by using the water-gun.


Timmy is really a goody-two-shoes cat. I don't even have to latch the cage door anymore these days.


He obediently sits inside until he is let out.

Look...the door isn't even closed.



Mr Zurik has to dine separately these days.

He and Vincent just cannot get along and this is the only way to prevent them from their noisy aggression sessions. It can happen anytime in the day, even midnight, and I'm really afraid the neighbours would complain about the noise. And you know, it isn't exactly music, too.


Rosie does not need to be on any diet. She knows how much she needs.


Neither does Mr Zurik. He is extremely slim and fit. It's his aggressive behaviour that needs managing.


Daffodil takes up the task of keeping him in check and making sure he stays where he is supposed to be.

After all, she has to protect Ginger.


I'll watch him.


Uh-oh..the nemeses meet.

mini-P9250177 mini-P9250178


Note the rippling muscles....on both!


Meanwhile...goody-two-shoes is hoping Mr Zurik has left some food as he normally does whenever he dines on top of the cage. And Timmy-two-shoes knows this. I had just brought the bowl back. There is left-overs because of the Vincent intrusion. The water-gun intervention saw both parties running off.


Me want food! Me want food!


Where is the food? 


Me reaching food...

(Note rippling muscles here too...!)

mini-P9250184 going to get food!


 Why no food?

I was faster...I had kept the left-overs.

Sorry, old extras for you!


Alicia said...

Timmy's trying to "melt" you with those Puss in Boots eyes.

Does the cage tray move when he jumps up? I would have imagined that it would topple over when Timmy grabs it to pull himself up.

chankahyein said...

Does the cage tray move - Nope! Does the cage topple over when Timmy heaves himself up - Not in the slightest!
Timmy's conclusion: Timmy is not fat, Timmy is not fat!!

Chen said...

Timmy says, "Don't you know by now that I'm totally into body building? I train hard to put on weight."

chankahyein said...

Timmy: FINALLY....!!! A human who sees the truth!

Yen Ling said...

Love the look on his face in the last picture! :)

Aznita said...

Yeah, he looked so sad in the last picture.

freyia said...

lol..Timmy looked befuddled

jasmine ong said...

Timmy! Timmy! sigh ...

BoBo Salem said...

trying hard to eat more kibbles
Sir Timothy is very determine!!!

BoBo Salem and catlings