Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who is the new alpha at the patio?

You won't believe this...

Before you make your guess, here are the Patio Members (in order of arrival): Mr G, Rosie, Daffodil, Ginger, Timmy, Vincent, Mr Zurik, Heidi.

Now, make your guess....


Could it be...Mr Zurik?


Daffodil or Timmy?

mini-P9020189 mini-P9020190



Heidi (who demands to eat in the kitchen)?


Maybe it's Daffodil? After all, she is the oldest by age.


Or Ginger? Or maybe Vincent?


Or the oldest "resident", Mr G??

Have you made your guess?

Now scroll....



Yes, Timmy is the new alpha at the patio now.

We first detected his "alpha-ness" when he started attacking Tabs. Tabs was out for a romp and wanted to eat serai (lemongrass) at the patio garden. Timmy attacked her. Poor Tabs ran all the way back into the house. This happened for a few days.


This morning, Timmy cornered Heidi and snarled at her.

But Heidi snarled back. Our Dame is no pushover!

Or did Timmy mistake her for Tabs? A case of a wrong target?

mini-P9020273 mini-P9020274

You wonder if, in this picture, Timmy is waiting for leftovers or giving Mr Zurik a lecture, right?


Maybe Timmy is saying, "Now, that's enough....go away!"


And it's always Vincent who has to defend the patio when Mr Zurik comes daily.
There will always be a scene and a huge "announcement".


The general stays behind the enemy lines and merely dishes out the orders.

My men will fight my battles for me...


 Yes, folks, we are looking at the rise of Timmy.

I mean, Timothy.

General Timothy Dalton...Sir!!



freyia said...

Its funny, when you look at different angle- timmy seems to have lose some weight but on another, he seems to have not. Just maybe he's frustrated because he hasn't the weight that he's hoping for..a case of Diet depress syndrome and the need to let the frustration out..:)

chankahyein said...

You are probably right!!

Yen Ling said...

Timmy looks rounder. Angle, perhaps?

Aznita said...

Timmy looks quite round, just feel like giving him a hug! How many times do you feed your cats? They all look big and well fed. I'm so jealous. My cats are average size only. Is it because you feed them wet food as well?

chankahyein said...

Hi Aznita, "ROUND" is NOT good! Timmy is obese and I've been trying to cut his size down, but Plan A seemed to have failed miserably. We're on to Plan B now. The perfect (ideal) size would be that of Pole, Cleo, Indy, Tabs, Vincent, Rosie and even Mr Zurik. Ginger is still okay too. The rest - DIET!! I "try" to limit their meals to twice a day, but I'm guilty of giving them snacks when they ask for it. One cat makes the snack call, and everyone gets...(sigh).

Liza said...

Dr Chan,How old is Mr G?

chankahyein said...

According to his owner, he should be six this year. Mr G is the back neighbour's cat but he seldom goes home these days.