Saturday, September 7, 2013

Timmy's Plan B is ON TRACK!

Yes, this time, it IS!


The reason Timmy is sitting down is that he has already finished all his food. He is served first and he knows the rules - he goes all by himself into the cage! By the time I serve the rest, Timmy is already done!


He knows he cannot come out until the rest are "almost" done with theirs.


So he waits patiently.


Mr Zurik is another guzzler. He literally "dives" into the food and pushes my hand away because he is just TOO hungry. I don't know why he is so hungry as he gets two meals a day just like everyone else!


Timmy gets let out only after the rest are almost done with their food.


So that he can still lick the bowls clean.

But there are just tiny bits of scraps and some gravy left (I mix Primal with water nowadays). Timmy's meal consists of 80% Primal. I hope it helps him lose weight. Raw food is supposed to.

I'm also sourcing Nutri+Gen's Chitosan for pets. Have consulted a vet on this and she says one of the senior vets highly recommends it.


Meanwhile Daffodil allows me to touch her already.

This is a breakthrough! For the past ten years at the playground, it was reported that no one could touch her. Maybe that's how she survived for so long - adopting an extremely cautious mode and running away at the first sign of trouble from humans.

In fact, once you get to know Daffodil, you'll find her really cute (now, which cat or dog isn't cute, right?)

I think you remember how (we think) Daffodil bit a hole in the Equilibrio bag a week ago? Well, that was her secret stash (before we found out).

After we found out, I transferred all the kibbles into two airtight containers and the remaining bag was kept in the storeroom.

Well, Daffodil....wasn't happy about it.


What did you do with my stash?

I bit a hole in it, therefore I discovered it and it is mine.


Please may I have my stash back? 

Er...sorry, but no, Daffodil.

Food is served according to the Patio Cat Cafe Rules. No secret stash is allowed.

Meanwhile, how do you explain the fact that Indy eats as much as Cow, Bunny and Tiger and yet...


Indy is so slender (though super strong, which is good)...


Cow is...well, can we say "not so bad"?

I'm taking the photos "from above" to check for the "indentation"!


Bunny is just stout, isn't he?


And Tiger....well, okay, Tiger is obese.

I will admit that the only ones needing to slim down in Bunny's Place are Tiger, Cow and Bunny (in that order).

The rest are okay.

3 out of 7 is about 42.9% so that isn't so bad, is it?

But in any case, the Hara Hachi Bu diet at Bunny's Place is ON TRACK with no casualties and no mishaps.

It's just biggest challenge!


Chen said...

Hmmm ... I wonder if its more accurate to take a picture from below.

chankahyein said...

LOL!! No, no...the acid test (so I am told) is from above - look for the indentation. If it's there, your pet is NOT obese.

Maneki Neko said...

"It's an optical illusion!" Tiger protests. "It's these horizontal stripes. Read Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle, and they all say the same thing -- horizontal stripes make you look fat!"

"Very well, Mr. Tiger, step onto the scales, please."

[Tiger exits, stage right. Hastily.]

chankahyein said...