Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cow attacks Daffodil!

Just as we were talking about cats being anti-social by nature, I must share with you something quite horrible which happened this morning as I was getting out of the room to go to work.

Cow rushed out of the room and launched an fierce aggression on poor Daffodil.

Daffodil has been sitting outside the grille for many days now. After so long, she has finally begun to "socialise" and seem to want human affection.

So what happened this morning was that Cow rushed out, lunged himself at Daffodil and "screamed" right into the poor girl's face, with his fur all fluffed up. Daffodil was so taken aback she did not know how to react and she just froze.

Luckily I was quick enough to pick Cow up (risking getting myself attacked as when Cow is worked up, hell hath no fury like a Cow angered) and put him back into the room.

Daffodil was panting for a good one minute, literally breathing heavily....the poor, poor dear. She was too afraid to even run.

But all is well, no worries. Daffodil had stopped panting before I went off to work.

Here are some photos taken a few hours ago.


The aggressor.


The survivor.

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