Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A new shrew on the block?

This shrew has been coming to the patio quite a bit and I've never been able to take his photo as he is just so fast, but today, he decided to make himself VERY visible to everyone.


Tabs is usually the first to notice any intruder and she usually chases them away. I think to her, it's all a game.


Bunny approaches but I call him back in a calm manner, urging him to leave Mr Shrew alone. Cleo watches.

I must say, this Mr Shrew is really brave, isn't he?


Bunny stops in his tracks and turn around. Mr Shrew is gone but....


...returns in no time.


Tiger is monitoring the situation from the washing machine and probably sending messages of peace to everyone.


Cow approaches now.




Tabs is watching from the shelf.


But Mr Shrew is not afraid at all.


I managed to coax Cow to leave Mr Shrew alone, so he goes bite the slippers instead.

Mr Shrew continues eating.


Our hunter, Cleo is just watching.


Cow checks out the bowl after Mr Shrew moves to the next bowl.


Oh no, Indy is here....is Mr Shrew in danger?

Suddenly, a fight broke out and Cow was seen chasing Pole out of the room.


Pole drinks water to calm down.

The catfight noise did not in the least disturb Mr Shrew. He continues nibbling on the kibbles.

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack...

I'm quite surprised that none of the cats chased Mr Shrew...


Aha...here's our answer - Tiger.


Even Indy did not chase Mr Shrew (he normally does).


Pole is a hunter, but she too leaves Mr Shrew alone.

mini-P9020250 mini-P9020251

Let all beings come in peace. The world belongs to all of us.


 I too did not chase Mr Shrew today. 

A possible theory: Did Mr Shrew hypnotise all the cats today?


era said...

Tab is soooo cute

Adif said...

Tab looks so adorable...aawwwwww

claire said...

gotta love Tabs face!!!!!!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

They have a secret pact. The inside brood let Mr. Shrew eat peacefully and Mr. Shrew will leave them alone and not annoy them so much!

BoBo Salem said...

Tabs!!!! shes full of fun

BoBo Salem and catlings

Chen said...

Tabs was saying, "Momma, momma. That strange creature came again and ate our FOOD! Help! Help!"

Yen Ling said...

Cow,Cow.. bit the slipper instead. cute!

nisa said...

Aww. I bet they're actually having peace conference. its 5 min break on tea time :)