Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blanket No. 4 - up for auction!

Here's Blanket No. 4!

We will start the auction now and the closing time is 2pm on Thursday, 19th September 2013. 

To bid, please leave a comment on this blogpost. All comments will be published in chronological order. Please check the comments section for the latest bid before you make yours.

100% of the funds raised through his auction will be donated entirely to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM100?

Have fun!

The bids as they come in:

10.41pm, 18th September 2013: Wine Dogs bid RM750.

1.20pm, 18th September 2013: CB Ong bids RM688.

10.49am, 18th September 2013: James Mong bids RM600.

9.09am, 18th September 2013: Wine Dogs bid RM450. 

6.52am, 18th September 2013: Han S bids RM350.

11.32pm, 17th September 2013: Wine Dogs bid RM288.

9.06pm, 17th September 2013: Joy E. Saga In Memory of Thor bids RM169.


The patchwork blanket measures at least 6ft by 4ft and is made from cotton material.

mini-P9170170 mini-P9170171 mini-20130917_192927

All the blankets are handsewn by my mother who is 80 years old.

She enjoys contributing her needlework skills to do her part for the animals.


 Do we hear RM100?

Happy bidding!


Joy E. Saga said...

I will start the bid at RM169.00 in memory of my foster cat THOR!

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC said...

It's so gorgeous!

We bid RM288!

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC

Han S said...

RM350, pls.

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC said...

In case we miss the next batch...
Woof up! Rm450

James Mong said...

I have personally seen the meticulous handy work your mum have put into this blanket. I would like to bid RM 600.
Best regards

cb ong said...

hoping against hope that i will win this beautiful blankie
with a bid of RM688.

Maneki Neko said...

Goodness, your mum is prolific! And her designs are just exquisite. I hope that when she sits back and rubs her stiff fingers after all that fine needlework that she takes great pride in all the good her blankets are doing for the animals. Thank you, madam!

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC said...

RM750....blankie pls come to us please...

Wine Dogs TB, EE,TT and CC said...'s hoping blankie comes to us please. Woof!