Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blanket No. 4 coming up next!

The theme of Blanket No. 4 is Earth.

mini-20130911_141152 mini-20130911_141430 mini-20130911_141506

The hardest part is in threading the needle because my mum uses the finest needle you can find!

These blankets are handsewn by my 80 year-old mother who enjoys doing her part to help the animals. Each blanket is unique and once ready, will be put up for auction in this blog.

Would you like to give this Earth Blanket a loving home?

Wait for the next auction!

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Chen said...

I bought a set of needles from Daiso (last year?) that makes threading so much easier. The eye of the needle has a wedged opening at the top with a v-notch. To thread, stick the needle into a pin cushion. By using fully your touch-sense, you place the thread at the top of the needle until you feel the thread slipping into the groove of the v-notch. Then you tug the thread down into the eye. The thread stays with the needle because the sharp end of the v-notch is in the eye. The needles are good quality too. Very sharp and tough and finely made. It's got a bit of gold colour to help differentiate from the normal needles. Nowadays, I use these set of needles all the time. Can't thread the normal needles anymore.