Saturday, September 21, 2013

Whack!!! Beware of the Dame!


This morning's breakfast. No one snatches food from another even he/she has finished eating.


The only food-snatcher is secured in the cage.


Dame Heidi is on hand to see that there is discipline during meals.

A taiqi exponent practises strict discipline - that goes without saying.


It won't work, Timmy. You might even injure your gums, so please...don't even try.'re pushing the wrong part. I used the top latch, not the bottom one.


Yes, just sit quietly and we'll let you out soon.


And he licked the platter clean, as always.

Feeding Timmy Chitosan is a breeze. It's as easy as pie.

Today, I let him out to lick the remaining scraps from Daffodil's bowl. It wasn't much, anyway. The poor boy has been deprived of this luxury (of licking the musical bowls) for many days now. By the time he comes out, all the bowls are already wiped clean and the poor boy looks quite pitiful as he goes from bowl to bowl looking for scraps.


What harm can these little bits do, right?


But with Heidi watching, he didn't dare approach outright, so he tries with his paw...


Yes, use your paws...


I sat and watched...bit by bit, he pawed the bits out and puts them into his mouth.

Heidi is looking intently.


The moment Timmy started eating directly from the bowl, Heidi snarled and whacked him.

Timmy backs off.


And so, what's this I hear about "discipline" that you talk about??

What discipline?? 

Why are you letting him eat up the scraps??

Er...well, Dame Heidi, your highness, we thought we'd just let Timmy have his indulgence just for today?
Is that... okay....with you? I mean, just for today...? Please?



Well, I'm not happy about it, that much I will tell you, but I will look the other way....


You ought to take up taiqi and I will make sure you learn about REAL discipline.


freyia said...

The look on Daffodil face is priceless lol

chankahyein said...

You mean Heidi?

Chen said...

Timmy!!!! He never fails to give us our vital daily dose of comic relief. Like Vitamin C for our good mood :)

*Timmy Fan Club member*

freyia said...

oops yes Heidi. I'm sorry Madame mind is talking faster than my hand

Faizati said...

If there is a Timmy Fan Club, count me in!

Maneki Neko said...

Look at the size difference between Heidi and Timmy! Clearly 'Might makes right' is not the operative rule here. :-)