Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh no! There was fur flying all over!!

There was a huge fight at the patio this morning. It was the unmistakable shrill sound of catfight and it was between Mr G and Vincent. They were locked in fierce battle.

Mr G had been going on the aggressive for the past few days. He attacked Heidi and Timmy, and Timmy took it out on poor Daffodil last night, cornering the poor girl onto a pile of books.

This morning, luckily I was around and the water-gun was on hand to do its job. I sprayed water at Mr G and that broke up the fight. The water-gun worked - thank goodness for that. With Cow, Bunny or Indy, even the water hose would not have worked.

Vincent fled for his life.

Mr G stayed and went under the car, but we shooed him off and sent him on his way home.

Then, I went to look for Vincent but could not find him anywhere.

I checked the pile of fur and there were no blood stains.

I cycled all around the playground, looked in the drains, called his name out loud, but Vincent was nowhere to be found.

But I know how cats are. If they want to be alone, you'd never be able to find them. They are not like dogs. Dogs put their owners first and are ever willing to please.

So I went back and waited.

After 3 hours, Vincent came back...unscathed.

I checked him for wounds and there were none.


He seemed absolutely fine.


Timmy was concerned too.

mini-P9070173 (3)

Our Stormtrooper deserves a good rest.

mini-P9070176 (2) mini-P9070177 (2)

Timmy never fails to remind me of Bosco.

He actually looks like Bosco. The difference is only in the colour. is such that moments are all we have so we shall cherish them.

Life is mainly froth and bubble
Two things stand like stone —
Kindness in another’s trouble.
Courage in your own.

- Adam Lindsay Gordon

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