Thursday, September 19, 2013

Timmy's Chitosan report and other tales

As of today, Bunny and Tiger are OFF the Chitosan. It has been SO effective, I am astonished, dumbstruck and bowled over. Both Bunny and Tiger HAVE lost a significant amount of weight. They feel lighted and look thinner too.

In fact, it is so effective, it is a wee bit "frightening", if you know what I mean, so I've taken them off it and am just using the Hara Hachi Bu diet with Primal as the main meal and Monge as the supplementary meal.

I think it's the combination of Chitosan and Primal that did the trick.

Now, only Timmy is on it twice a day. But even Timmy appears to have lost some weight. The pictures below will depict what I mean.

Now, how about Cow Mau? I'm planning to put bits of it into his meal but will go slow with him since the goop has been so effective on Bunny & Tiger.

Actually, I was a little scared today, especially when my son remarked that Bunny had lost "so much" weight so much so that he asked me if Bunny was sick. So I gave Bunny an extra meal this afternoon. Actually, two extra meals.....which he happily obliged.

Let's go back to the patio cats now...

Because of work, all the cats are fed at 6am every morning. Heidi is almost never around at that time, so she comes much later...

And when the Dame arrives, she makes sure she is heard loud and clear and she will have her breakfast in the kitchen.


By then, of course Timmy is no longer in the cage can imagine what a problem that would be.


Timmy tries to stare her down...

But the Dame snarls back.


So Timmy sits patiently and hopes for scraps (there will be none, of course).


He goes closer...(he is asking to be whacked, for sure).


I made a wrong setting on my camera and managed to take this shot of Vincent jumping up the table!

Super Vince!!


Now, here in this photo, we are examining Timmy's tum-tum.

Is this merely dangling skin or fat?

mini-P9180175 mini-P9180176

It's just skin, isn't it, Vincent?

When I carry Timmy, he is definitely lighter. Previously, he would be "spilling over my arms", but not anymore now. He is lighter and he does not "spill" anymore.


Ginger does not need the Chitosan. He is actually very light.

mini-P9180178 mini-P9180179

Well, none of these fellas got to Heidi's food. All the hounding failed...miserably.

The Dame finished her food in her own time.


Now, Mr Zurik looks super fit.

He has the physique of an athlete. Something like....Carl Lewis?


You two are not so bad yourselves too.


Heidi's 4 hour afternoon nap.

The Dame likes pink.


Daffodil is much friendlier now. She likes to sit in front of the room grille and wait for me.


Chitosan target - On target!!

I look forward to the day when I can announce that Timmy is officially off the Chitosan!


Chen said...

Clap! Clap Clap!

Now its maintain, maintain and maintain. I'm sure the Chitosan kitties are also feeling younger and chirpier too. You think?

C W Lee said...

Dear Dr Chan, can you pls let me know where can I buy this Chitosan as I have the same problem with my fatty mau mau. Thank you

freyia said...

Yay Yay Yay Timmy....

chankahyein said...

I buy mine from Subang Pet Products in SS18/6. 03-56339585. But I also use it together with Primal (raw food) and diet control (cut down 20%). Please do consult your vet first before you change your pet's diet.

chankahyein said...

I think Tiger feels better, but Bunny seems a little less "Bunny-fied", ie. not as active as before. That's what frightened me a wee bit and I quickly stopped it. Even then, I had not given him the full dose.