Monday, September 23, 2013

Blanket No. 6 in the making

By Tabs and me (supervised by Dame Heidi).


Quality control supervisor checking the measurements.

mini-P9210178 mini-P9210179

Cardboard from the Monge box.


The Dame is the brains behind everything. I'm just following orders.

mini-P9210182 mini-P9210187

That's one strip....completed last night.

mini-P9220217 mini-P9220219

 Would anyone like to bid for this blanket? won't be ready so soon, of course. I'm just a weekend patchworker!

Meanwhile, Blanket No. 5 is well mum's place! That's the Mickey Blanket.


mei leng said...

i am sure Mickey blanket will be highly on demand ! I am thinking to bid for this blanket cos i love Mickey !

jasmine ong said...

This is going to turn out to be a really lovely, pretty bear blanket for a child ♡ A sweet little girl will love this blankie! I can already imagine the finished product.

chankahyein said...

Hi Mei Leng, I don't have pictures of the Mickey blanket yet. The pictures you see here is the Teddy Bear blanket which I am making. The Mickey blanket is blue. I will get the pictures soon as my mum is making that one.

mei leng said...

Thank Kah Yein, no hurry. But i think i would not be getting the price that i got for my blanket from the first bidding, haha.....

chankahyein said...

Actually we 'sell' for anything above RM100! Any extras is a bonus to the animals! PC Leong has gone into hibernation for the time being....haha. :) PC?

Joy E. Saga said...

I was just thinking. Perhaps you can make miniature patchwork blankets specifically for the animals. You can probably sell it at RM30 (cats) - RM50 (dogs) depending on size :D

Just a suggestion!

chankahyein said...

Yes, we can, but we don't know if it can sell? At least for the big ones, it can be folded up and used for pets too - more cushiony!