Friday, September 20, 2013

Blanket No. 5 in the making (and No. 6 too?)

Blanket No. 5 is going to take some time as it requires a bit more planning and measuring...

mini-20130918_113841 mini-20130919_172131


It's a Mickey Mouse Blanket (with Minnie too!).

And since I was there at my mum's place offering suggestions on the design, I thought I might as well bring home some cloth and see if I am inspired enough to start on Blanket No. 6....



Ginger is going to help me 'coz it's orange!

Life has been a bit of a turmoil lately, so it's good to slow down and do something "different" for a change. My plan is to get my son to thread several needles at one go when he is around, that should be enough for me to go on until he comes back from his flights to rethread the needles for me!

Big plans, I know....maybe I'll just cut the cloth first....

For new readers: These blankets are handsewn and will be put up for auction. 100% of the funds raised will be channeled to our Medical Fund to help the animals.

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Yen Ling said...

Adorable prints!! This will be a perfect blanket for a new born :)