Friday, September 20, 2013

Heidi's mornings

As a conscientious teacher, she is also a strict disciplinarian. Her student cannot miss a single class.


Now go on ahead, you know what to do...

mini-20130919_074400 mini-20130919_074404

Yes, this is the spot to start. 


 Don't try any tricks...I'm watching you like a hawk.

And the amazing thing is (well, not so amazing since Heidi is, after all, the master, isn't she?) Heidi knows when the sequence ends and just before it ends, she rolls over on her belly and demands a belly rub.

You know, cats have been around humans for at least 10,000 years. And before that? Well, I'll bet before that, they ruled the earth!


Dayana said...

where's the 'like' button for this post?

chankahyein said...

Ha's on our facebook page by the same name!

jasmine ong said...

I wish there is a 'LOVE' button which I can use for most of your posts :) Your blog is really good.

Like many, I love reading your home cat tales too. Your postings on them are endearing, amusing, entertaining, not to mention educational too!

Thank you for your beautiful sharing and postings ♡

chankahyein said...

Thank you very much, Sis!

Joy E. Saga said...

Ya! I was going to 'LIKE' then I realised this is not FB! I will like the FB page :D

Actually Dr Chan, you can add a button for people to "Like" this blog. I try find you the link ya. I have not touched my blog for ages so need to do a bit of scouting. Heh!

chankahyein said...

That'll be great! Thank you!