Monday, September 23, 2013

Agent William, welcome home!

Willy must have just returned from another successful mission. This morning, we found him waiting across the road, right in front of our gate.


Hey, Willy!!!


And how have you been, Willy?

Happy to see you back home again.


The Dame came over to represent the Patio Family to say "hi" to Agent William.


Doesn't he look good?

Actually, Willy wasn't even hungry. He had not come for food. He had just come over to say "hello".  And why today? Well, I can only think of three reasons:

1. He had just come back from a successful mission, so as per normal, he pays a courtesy call.

2. I've been sick for the past few days, so Willy came to visit?

3. It was purely coincidental.


Someone else also knew Willy was back - Mr Zurik.


Ok, you just stay there....please don't come over.


Willy really looks good and there was no more caked up faecal matter at his bum.


Bye, Willy!

Thanks for visiting.

(Willy only ate half the food. Obviously, he wasn't hungry at all, which is good.)

This time, my husband managed to see where he goes home to. As suspected, Willy went home to one of the houses on the perpendicular road. I wonder if his owners know he has been neutered (with the ear-notch and all).

Over at the patio...


Desperado looks for food.


This is food left over by Mr Zurik.

Stop it,!


 Poor me...I'm so hungry, I have to eat a goat...


jasmine ong said...

Timmy, you really are a greedy, naughty boy, you know! You really ought to keep your big appetite in check so that you can be trim and healthy. You have been having more than enough good food here in this nice comfy home with a mummy who indulges you. Your "Timmy Fan Club" member here scolding him. Still his fan though :)

Sis Kah Yein, I really hope you are getting better already, sorry to hear you've been sick these couple of days. Please take good care there.

Nice to see Willy visiting and looking good too :)

mei leng said...

After missing for close to a month, I saw my secret mission cat, Tina last night, . May be both Tina and Willy had accomplished a cat great mission lol

chankahyein said...

Yes, the timing is just right, too! Subang-Puchong collaborated secret mission.

Aznita said...

This is with regards to your story on Willy. I have a male cat that comes to my house from time to time. He caused one of the neighbourhood cat to give birth for the 2nd time (that I know). The female cat has since been spayed. I always thought of neutering this male cat that comes once in a while but he used to have a collar, meaning he belongs to someone. A few months ago, I see that he's collarless. Even before, his collar actually looked quite shabby. When he's not after female cats at my place (all have been spayed), he's eating their food. I suspect he's been abandoned. Do you think it's all right if I get him neutered?

chankahyein said...

A vet advised me thus: If you come into contact with an un-neutered animal and you do not know if he has an owner, the responsible thing to do would be to get the cat neutered and ear-notched. If you know he has an owner, then you may want to inform the owner of your intentions and discuss the matter from thereon so that an agreeable solution may be sought.