Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Willy news

Willy was waiting at the drain in front of our house this afternoon. He wasn't particularly waiting for food, more of just lounging there for the afternoon.


Well, when someone comes back after a long tour of duty elsewhere, one would want to spend a relaxing afternoon lounging and just doing nothing.

We all went out for the afternoon. As we think bad about last night, actually, when we came home with me dead worried that the Datuk Shrine orange-coloured cat might have been Willy, there was an orange cat on our dustbin platform with Ginger. But we thought it was Elmo. The orange cat (whom we thought was Elmo) then climbed onto the neighbour's roof and Ginger went off with him into the night.

Now, we think that cat last night was actually Willy! It all sounds plausible because Elmo never comes to this part of the house. He only stays at the back.

If that's true, it means Willy had already "heard my cries" (!) last night and he quickly came over to tell me he's alright and that the Datuk Shrine cat wasn't him.

Or was it?



Never mind what the theory is. By the time we came home in the evening, Willy was still there, so as with our famous Malaysian hospitality, one must serve one's guest with food.



And after eating (he only ate half of it), Willy was off again.

He did turn back to say "bye for now!" and we waved at him and he was soon on his way....where to?

Who knows, folks...maybe for another MI-6 mission?  Some peace talks somewhere? Goodness knows how much our world needs it and maybe it would take a cat to talk some sense into warring humans?

All the best on your mission now, Agent William. We will be cheering you on! Do come visit us again!

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