Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Chitosan-Titans!

Finally, the Nutri-Gen Chitosan I ordered has arrived!!


It is purported to be a multi-vitamin and this particular product helps in weight loss for overweight pets.

mini-P9110174 mini-P9110175 (2)

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your vet before giving any supplements to your pets.

Who are our candidates?


Yes, Tiger. He liked the taste so there was no problem at all in feeding him.


Cow...surprisingly no problems either. He liked it.


Bunny was the problem. He did not quite like the paste.

And at the patio, who are the candidates?


No, not you, Vincent. You stormtroopers are in the prime of fitness, you don't need it.


Ginger - yes. He liked it.


And yes, Mr Timmy.

Heidi was on hand to whack everyone.

For some reason, she lost track of time and came at all the wrong times for her meals, so she got into an angry mood and started whacking everyone. Sometimes, she would have "forgotten" that she had just eaten and would make a hue and cry at the kitchen, demanding for food.

I think the old girl has short term memory?

However, she never forgets her taiqi lessons every morning. She would wait at the gate and when she sees my husband coming out, she runs to the playground and waits for him. Pretty much like what a loyal dog would do!


 Timmy has been really good lately. "Good" as in he understands he has to eat in the cage and he no longer complains.


It takes 15 seconds for Timmy to finish his food and 15 minutes for Daffodil, so Timmy has to stay in the cage until the last cat finishes, which is always Daffodil.


And when he gets to come out, he doesn't complain.


Instead, he does his Happy Days stint!

What a happy cat!!

Of all the 7+6+3 cats I feed, Mr Timmy needs the Chitosan the most. I hope it works!
(7 inside, 6 patio regulars, 3 guests - Mr Zurik, Mr G, Willy)

While a chubby pet is "cute", it isn't healthy for any pet (or anyone, for that matter) to be obese.


No extra food for you two now.

You don't want to turn into titans, do you?


freyia said...

Timmy reminds me of Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland especially when he does the happy days dance

jasmine ong said...

Another "Timmy Fan Club" member here cheering him on ... "Good boy Timmy, you will definitely make it in no time soon".

I love seeing photos of Timmy and his "Happy Days" stint :) But then again, I LOVE seeing photos of your entire lovely brood ♡

Chen said...

In the second Timmy Happy Days picture, I thought, at first glance that the kitty at the bottom right of the picture is a large Henry Cats stone painting! Then I thought "Eh?" And took a better look and saw that its Ginger.

Joy E. Saga said...

Hahaha... Henry Cats stone :D That would cost a bomb to be that size :D

chankahyein said...

Timmy can be a model for Henry Cats!!

Joy E. Saga said...

Let's tell Henry! :D

Chen said...

A life-size Timmy Henry Cats stone painting is going to be very, very, very expensive.

chankahyein said...

And somehow...extra heavy too?