Sunday, September 1, 2013

Heidi's taiqi


Every morning starts with the taiqi master (Dame Heidi) and the student crossing the road over to the basketball court.


"Dame" she may be, but she jumps up onto the playground with no problems at all.


The master locates a suitable spot and instructs the student to do his lesson there.


 The master watches closely as the student does his warm-up.


Today, I am given the privilege of watching a lesson in session.


"We have press coverage today", the master tells the student.


As the master is quite satisfied with the student's performance, she proceeds to groom herself.


Another potential student?


"Yes, that's about right", the master says.

Meanwhile, I am off on my pink bicycle to go check out the neighbourhood cats.


No, that's not Indy, it's Mrs Gretchen and Vincent Starr.


Mr G joins this group every morning.


We call her Mindy Gretchen as she looks a bit like Indy (just the body and the colour).

She's already been spayed.


This is one of the pets along the road.


And Willy's friend. Also someone's pet. In fact, there are two of them and they look alike.

We haven't seen Willy for a few days now. He's off on a secret mission again.


Every morning, there seems to be this important briefing involving Vincent, Mrs Gretchen and Mr G. They don't even rest on Sundays. There is work to be done, folks.

Meanwhile, after my few rounds, I stop by at the basketball court to catch the last part of today's taiqi lesson.


The master shows the "Hidden Dragon, Crouching Cat" Pose and the student tries his best to copy.


The master lies on her back and allows the student to receive some qi.


After a good session, the master debriefs the student while allowing the student to touch her forehead for more qi transmission.

I go back home...

mini-P9010067 be greeted by Vincent (doing the Happy Days pose).


And Rosie's family.


 While Timmy, as faithful as ever, guards his food arsenal, watched closely by Indy!


jasmine ong said...

Ha ha ... this write-up of your husband's taiqi master is entertaining and so cute :) Are you touching nose with Dame Heidi in pic no. 5? :) She's so lovable (also attributed to the warmth and love surrounding her everyday from you and your husband).

The photos taken with your new camera turned out very well too.

chankahyein said...

Yes, we touched noses many times too! Dame Heidi has character and is truly one of a kind. A real matriarch.

Dayana said...

OMG! love this entry because there's so many photos of Heidi! she's just soooooooooo cute!