Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A (motorised) bug invades Bunny's Place!

A friend sent me a toy bug for the cats to play with.

It's actually a motorised bug, powered by a watch battery.


It's called "Wild Mouse", but it looks more like a cockroach to me!

According to the picture, even if it falls on its back, it will turn over by itself!



As with everything new that is brought in, our quality assurance supervisor must run a check first.


It's a bug alright...just not a cockroach, because it has so many legs.

It's an ALIEN bug!!

That black knob is the on-off switch (took dummy me a while to figure that out!).

People of my generation will look for written operating instructions. We're hopeless!


So I flipped to the back and er...it's all in Japanese.

I think the pictures are telling me how to change the battery, but not how to turn it on.

As I said, it took me a while to figure it out...heh heh.

mini-P9030145 mini-P9030146

When it's switched on, it makes a buzzing sound.

Pretty much like the sounds that alien bugs make.

Let's try it....


It moves on its own.

As always, Cow would sacrifice his life for the safety of everyone else. That's what he has been doing since the day I picked the three of them up from the roadside when they were two days ago. Cow had crawled out to ask for help. It's his inborn nature.

So Cow approached the alien first...very cautiously. But he was NOT scared.


When it hits an object, it worms its way out. Smart bug!

Soon, it buzzed under the bench.


Cow and Pole go after it.

Bunny was still sleeping in the rattan trunk, so I brought it out to the patio cats.


He he he...


Everyone followed the alien bug, but nobody dared to touch it.

Cats are way too smart.

I also think it's because they know it's not "organic".

Inorganic alien detected. Red Alert! Approach with utmost caution. Do not make contact. Do not make contact. 

By then, Bunny had heard the extra-terrestrial sound...


Indy was more interested in which of the patio cats was in the house, how many of them and if Vincent was amongst them.

The bug was making so much noise, but Indy did not seem to hear anything. We've always suspected that Indy could be blind in one eye and also deaf (or partially deaf) since he was rescued from the drain with severe eye, ear and bladder infection which almost cost him his life, when he was only 2-3 weeks old). I really think Indy could be deaf.

It was only after a few minutes that he happened to look back....


...and saw the commotion.

mini-P9030159 mini-P9030160

Bunny whacked the bug.

I was initially afraid my cats would kill the bug in no time, but hey....this tiny little alien bug is very hardy!

But granted, it hasn't experienced the full force of the feline might yet.


No, no, no....

It's because I have issued a decree that all beings, earthly or alien, shall be granted the right to live peacefully here. 

Oh I see....understood, Tiger.

mini-P9030162 mini-P9030163

 They had a lot of fun with it!!

Now Mr Alien Bug is in my drawer. I'll let them play with it again later.

Would you like one for your cats?


Nora said...

where can you buy that kind of toys? i would like to get it for my cats.

chankahyein said...

Let me find out from the friend.

Joy E. Saga said...

Me three!

Yen Ling said...

Interesting! Is this from Daiso? Do let me know. I don't mind buying one for Jack (who thinks he is a cat, at times).

chankahyein said...

Friend says it's from Japan. I don't know if Daiso sells it. But it may be available in Malaysia in a few months' time.

Joy E. Saga said...

Do practice caution for dogs though. The bug is small. In case the dog accidentally swallows the toy, battery and all!

chankahyein said...

Yes, absolutely.

pooi ling said...

There is something similar. Its called hexbug nano. You can get it frm toysrus.

Yen Ling said...

Whatever the size of your pet, always supervise and keep an eye on them when they play toys and even balls.

Hexbug Nano at ToysRus? Thanks, I'll check that out.

Diane said...

You can also get it (Hexbug Nano) from Radioshack but it normally costs RM 29.90each. It comes in a test tube-like cylindrical container but the bug looks angular compares to yours and does not have a tail.

There's also a toy shop in Amcorp Mall, 2nd or 3rd floor which sells 3 for RM15! I believe they are clearing stock. So grab it while you can!

I haven't seen it in Daiso at all.

So we had the 4 of them running around at the same time and my cats couldn't decide which one to catch! They folowed them around keeping a watchful eye and later started whacking them! It was fun to watch :)

But bear in mind that 1 of mine had a leaked battery so just change it if it doesn't work or if you find it not being able to 'get up' anymore, that means the battery is weak. Uses 1 x LR44 battery.

Bern said...

What fun! I'm gonna go look for one now! :)

Juliana said...

Diane, thank you for the head's up on the Amcorp tip! I bought three for the furkids and,.. It was nteresting! LOL. I think my kitties were confused that these bugs didn't run away but sometimes even ran toward them. ;) nonetheless, it's one more toy in our rotation, so hopefully it'll keep 'em curious. Thanks again!

Here's a short video of them "playing" with them : http://www.magisto.com/video/L0ECJUlRRGEpUxxhCzE