Sunday, September 22, 2013

Primal-icious mania!!

Here are some Primal pictures to share!

Cindy Lim's brood:

mini-Cindy's kampung cats mini-P1270338 mini-P1280271

Cindy says even her rabbit likes it, but no, no....we don't have Primal Rabbit!

mini-P1280276 mini-P1290041

Faizati Mohd Ali's brood of home-cats and the community cats she feeds at her mum's place (they are all on Primal and Monge):

mini-image mini-image_1 mini-image_2 mini-image_3 mini-image_4 mini-image_5 mini-image_6 mini-image_7 mini-image_8

Wondergirl says: I prefer Monge.


Faizati says her community cats LOVE it, but her home-cats scored 2 out of 3 with one declaring that she prefers Monge!

Marina's rescued cats:

mini-Bumblebee steals food

Bumblebee (formerly known as Bambie) stealing another cat's Primal!


Polkadot finishing her Primal...


A clean sweep!

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About Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas:

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Primal 17th Sept 2013

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