Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeding Bobby...

Getting Bobby to eat has been a difficult task for many months now. He, as with some old people, has become extremely choosy with food. And we also don't know if some sort of senility has set in (Bobby will turn 15 this October), or he is just plain strong-willed as he had always been all his life! Or, maybe, too much association with the cats have rubbed off some cat characteristics in him, ie. "you stand your ground, don't have to pander to what 'em humans want you to do, we cats don't do that...and we'll get our way in the end...." 

So, he stopped eating his Hill Science (for elderlies) more than a year ago, and since then, I've been trying all sorts of food, but to no avail. Sure, the vets would say, "Leave it, he will eat when he is hungry".  Er...not true. We're talking about one stubborn dog here. He would just refuse to eat and he actually lost weight...lots of it, too. 

I finally resorted to cooking for him every morning, and he would only take stir-fried chicken meat with a dash of Liquid Aminos. Sometimes I sneak in some mashed carrots, but he is clever at picking it out.  

Even feeding him is a problem because he is blind. Cow used to take him to his food bowl every morning, but lately, even this doesn't work anymore. I do wonder if Bobby's sense of smell is deteriorating.  

But he loves the cat's kibbles, yet it's too high in protein and won't be good for his kidneys. So, he cannot have that, either.  

So, my hunt for alternatives went on....for months.

Until I found this last week, at Casa's opening....

I asked Chooi Chooi, the proprietor, what she would recommend for picky old dogs, and she said to try this. So I bought a pack and ............

Voila....Bobby ate it!!


But I have to first give him some canned food, then, as he starts to eat, I'd pour in the Canine Caviar kibbles. Only then will he eat them up. If I just put the kibbles, he merely sniffs at it and walks away.  

This is what happened this morning, at breakfast... Bobby's stir-fried chicken was served, but he wasn't interested...again. Cow comes along and licks up the gravy. 

 Bobby walks around the food...still not interested.

 But you see, with just a few days of eating Canine Caviar, he has put on significant weight!

It's such a relief that I've found this food for him. At least there's some variety for him now. I know, the vets would recommend sticking to one type of food, but chicken meat alone is not balanced. And a friend actually told me, "Try feeding your kid with just one type of food all his life, see what happens? Your kid will die", he said. He could very well be right...

 Cow moves away, after licking up all the gravy. As much as they like chicken meat, they will not eat up Bobby's food. Now, comes Bunny...trying to persuade Bobby to eat...

See, Bobby, it's nice food? Come and eat... 

 Bobby plays hard-to-get and goes into the room to inspect the tshirts...

I'm not interested in food...not yet.

After about 20 minutes, he comes out to the kitchen again, having done his round of tshirt inspection.

Eat, Bobby...please? 

A little nearer, please?

 The two cats watch in anticipation....with bated breath..."Eat, Bobby, eat...", we all chant in unison.


And that's just breakfast...lunch is coming up next...

And it'll be the same old story again.


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ManekiNeko said...

My cats both love the Feline Caviar, too. It looks like good stuff -- virtually no grains, high quality meat (not by-products), etc. Go, Bobby!